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A Different 50 Podcast

Apr 16, 2019

A Different 50 Podcast was so happy to have The Fly Coach Annette Johnson join us to discuss her recent retirement after 32 years in corporate America and what's next for her and her Family. Annette spent her career at a Fortune 500 Company designing and facilitating training programs for over 25,000 employees on topics such as communication, managerial and leadership capability. Her career took her all over the USA, Europe and Asia. Annette has written a book entitled Forgive & Love Yourself: A Path to Letting Go and Living with Inner Peace available on Amazon. She went on to executive produce and host FLY Conversation, an Internet radio show, for Life Coach Radio Networks.Annette is currently hosting her new podcast, Valiant Voices on, created to inspire listeners to live life by design.

Annette discussed her recent retirement and how she and her husband STRATEGICALLY prepared for it staring many years earlier. There are lots of great pieces of content in this episode and we hope you enjoy and get as much out of it as we did!! Please leave us a comment and share with a friend. Annette can be reached on social media @theflycoach.