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A Different 50 Podcast

May 18, 2023

Leslie & Donna are back talking about how outside is wide open and these concerts are NOT cheap!! Donna is not dating any short men. We talk Indian Matchmaker on Netflix. Leslie doesn't care about your relationship...and viral tikitytocs. As usual all over the place. 

May 10, 2023

Donna & Leslie are back and this time they remembered to hit the record button!! We talk about a variety of things such as Donna's upcoming Fantastic House Music Voyage...Leslie still hates her wardrobe...and why Leslie now has Narcan! 

Apr 18, 2023

We suggest you have an adult beverage of choice when listening to this episode. Donna and Leslie's dear Hamptonian, G2 Classmate, Victoria Williams is back! With updates, feelings on being an almost empty nester, and how dude couldn't even bring toilet paper or something! (Gotta listen to understand). This one is...

Apr 11, 2023

Donna and Leslie welcome Felicia Walker of ThisThatBeauty and Phoebe Skin who stopped by and had a great conversation with us about all things skincare. We discussed how Felicia got started and what drives her passion. Serums, SPF, routines, myths, what to do as we age, we cover a lot of ground in this interview and it...

Mar 14, 2023

Leslie & Do9nna are back with another episode and we are all over the place, but ultimately asking does menopause go on forever? We are talking bank failures, book bans, kidnappings, and whining cats!